automatic tweeting should be on every theme

the problem with wordpress is it is not as customizable as blogger. and also you cannot monetize for free like blogger. and the editing is way more difficult than blogger. maybe i just like blogger better because i have used it more. nah, its the customizing that irks me.

i need a site where i can design the layout the way i want it and add widgets easily and where i want and what i want. i cant get a blog at wordpress the way i want it. i have to settle for what i can find.

i need two columns on every theme and i need to monetize and i need to connect the blog to twitter and to a fb page and i need to have links to my other sites on the side. and i need the side bar on the side not at the bottom. is that really too much to ask.

i like that wordpress helps me find readers and connect to twitter on that one theme but i need it to connect me on all themes. why cant i get that here? and how am i supposed to pay for a premium plan if i cant even monetize and get paid for what i write?

wp is so much harder to add stuff to. i like the wysiwyg layouts at blogger and the google ads although i cant get a lot of views there because it wont automatically tweet or market for me. at least when google plus was there it would post to that for me.

wish i could at least get an automatic tweet at blogger like i can at that one blog on wp. wish i could get an auto tweet for every wp blog. that would be a great feature.

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