Scientists have said…

Scientists have said that the planets were formed when the sun exploded or when some asteroid or giant planet hit the sun or another planet. then the debris from the explosion was caught by the gravity of the sun as it was flying out into space. planets and meteorites became trapped in the solar system by the sun and all planets outside of the goldilocks zone were too hot or cold to support life. we of course know that stars are formed by a shall we say big bang and this is what creates a star and its solar system.

scientists told us that the planets began to circle the sun after it formed and slowly while circling the sun began to move ever so slightly closer to the star itself. the planet called mercury became the hottest planet as it is the closest and all the planets are moving closer to the sun each year making them warmer. of course, a tax will not change this. unless scientists find a way to reverse the pull of gravity. which they cant, the planets will slowly move closer to the sun until they are consumed by it.

in short, science has proven that the earth is being warmed by the sun and getting warmer each year as it moves closer to it and therefore science proved that the earth has never been warmer than it is today. only colder and less inhabitable and we should be looking for ways to move to a cooler planet instead of making up tall tales about warming cycles. but that is just my opinion and i am entitled to it. although it is based on scientific fact.