Scientists have said…

Scientists have said that the planets were formed when the sun exploded or when some asteroid or giant planet hit the sun or another planet. then the debris from the explosion was caught by the gravity of the sun as it was flying out into space. planets and meteorites became trapped in the solar system by the sun and all planets outside of the goldilocks zone were too hot or cold to support life. we of course know that stars are formed by a shall we say big bang and this is what creates a star and its solar system.

scientists told us that the planets began to circle the sun after it formed and slowly while circling the sun began to move ever so slightly closer to the star itself. the planet called mercury became the hottest planet as it is the closest and all the planets are moving closer to the sun each year making them warmer. of course, a tax will not change this. unless scientists find a way to reverse the pull of gravity. which they cant, the planets will slowly move closer to the sun until they are consumed by it.

in short, science has proven that the earth is being warmed by the sun and getting warmer each year as it moves closer to it and therefore science proved that the earth has never been warmer than it is today. only colder and less inhabitable and we should be looking for ways to move to a cooler planet instead of making up tall tales about warming cycles. but that is just my opinion and i am entitled to it. although it is based on scientific fact.

automatic tweeting should be on every theme

the problem with wordpress is it is not as customizable as blogger. and also you cannot monetize for free like blogger. and the editing is way more difficult than blogger. maybe i just like blogger better because i have used it more. nah, its the customizing that irks me.

i need a site where i can design the layout the way i want it and add widgets easily and where i want and what i want. i cant get a blog at wordpress the way i want it. i have to settle for what i can find.

i need two columns on every theme and i need to monetize and i need to connect the blog to twitter and to a fb page and i need to have links to my other sites on the side. and i need the side bar on the side not at the bottom. is that really too much to ask.

i like that wordpress helps me find readers and connect to twitter on that one theme but i need it to connect me on all themes. why cant i get that here? and how am i supposed to pay for a premium plan if i cant even monetize and get paid for what i write?

wp is so much harder to add stuff to. i like the wysiwyg layouts at blogger and the google ads although i cant get a lot of views there because it wont automatically tweet or market for me. at least when google plus was there it would post to that for me.

wish i could at least get an automatic tweet at blogger like i can at that one blog on wp. wish i could get an auto tweet for every wp blog. that would be a great feature.

ssl certificate or peace of mind?

so some sites are cool and they give you free ssl certification. sites like wordpress and blogger for example. then there are the greedy sites that make you pay for it like godaddy and freenom and other sites that make plenty of money but want to take more from you anyway… ugh.

clearly the cool sites deserve your business more than the greedy ones. no brainer there.

so maybe you dont really need the old shortened addresses after all. maybe you just use the secured sites you can get without going bankrupt first and put links to them on your main site at wp or blogger. who needs the headache of trying to figure out mission impossible over there on mr. greedy. not calm. i am getting really tired of getting scammed by sites that should be providing me a little lower blood pressure for free. i mean seriously i pay enough. its not like i am making any money online anyway and i dont need the migraine that comes with having to shell out another three hundred or more for an ssl certificate.  i am done with these money pits.

any link that is not green lighted on my site from now on is in danger of being fired and replaced. that is my new life resolution. extreme changes to follow. looks like its time for godaddy to go… hasta la vista!

seize the day it goes by fast

when two people love each other, there is no one else in the world. love is all you need. and nothing and no one can come between that. if someone cheats on you its not your fault. they gave up on you. someone who loves you would never give up. dont settle for less than the best. dont turn your back on happiness to save a failed relationship. you only get one life. one shot at the brass ring… if youre lucky. cease the day. cause you dont get a lot of those.


a realised mandella effect

while i have never before seen realized spelled with an s, my chromebook seems to think it is correctly spelled realised. this must be another mandella effect of time lords… even though i can google realized and not only get the definition and no different spelling in the list of antonyms, proving that the word is known to google. their product chromebook has to have realized added to the dictionary by mui. obviously the world has been slightly altered by time lords and the new timeline spells things funny.